WELLCONCEPTS creates extraordinary spas of optimum quality

You book WELLCONCEPTS as an advisory creative partner for your spa project. We develop creative spatial concepts, tailored to your philosophy or region.
You will receive suggestions for your spa areas as sketches illustrating our ideas. However, these are not construction plans or architectural plans!
In addition, we select all trades for you that can later implement our creative planning. We collect all relevant offers from the trades, taking into account the budget provided, and prepare them for you.

You handle all orders with the trades as well as delivery and installation directly in cooperation with your construction management. We are at your side to advise you.


room planning
Development of a creative plan for the individual spa areas, taking into account space requirements and operational requirements (area for each area of application, functionality of the circulation of the daily routine). Preparation of room planning sketches (as a basis for your architects, interior designers and other consultants).

The crowning glory of our concept is the creation of the right atmosphere (mood boards for designers and interior decorators with regard to stylistic and functional requirements).



As your consultant we can also support you with all technical questions. This means that we can recommend trades for the areas listed here. All discussions with the trades will be conducted directly by you and your site management. Later orders will be placed directly by you. We only act as consultants here.

Example: Control technology (lighting & darkening systems, heating & air-conditioning technology).

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