The SEA HEALTH product line is based on the healing power of seawater, which is traced back to analogies between man and nature. Feel new energy through the rich essences of the sea.

Caviar, also known as black gold, pampers the skin with vitamins, valuable minerals and trace elements.

Algae are real all-rounders who can survive many weeks in the hot sun without water and have developed special moisture-regulating survival mechanisms. These are used today in marine cosmetics, among other things. The fact that the mineral content of human blood serum and sea water is almost identical makes active ingredients from the sea unsurpassed in their compatibility.

  Drawing new energy from the rich essences of the sea

Stimulating pampering products have been created from valuable aromas and essences such as algae extract, caviar extract, sea salt, argan oil, panthenol and vitamin E. The ingredients provide the skin with lasting moisture and protect it against free radicals. Our products are suitable for all skin types.

Product portfolio:
Body Peeling | Body Cream | Massage Milk | Body Splash
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