The SENSUAL VELVET product line is dedicated to the rose. The rose has always been considered a gift of the gods and has therefore been consecrated to many of them. It embodies the epitome of beauty, devotion and love.

In Greek mythology, Aphrodite, the goddess of love, is born from the foam of the sea with a white rose bush. It is also said that when Eve was expelled from Paradise, she secretly took a rose from the Garden of Paradise and brought it to our secular gardens.

  Seduce your skin and senses

From valuable aromas and essences such as shea butter, pink moschata oil, rose water, grape seed extract, Q10 and vitamin E, valuable pampering products have been created. The ingredients are extremely caring and especially suitable for sensitive skin.

Product portfolio:
Body Peeling | Body Cream | Massage Milk | Body Splash
Other products on request